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July Sunday Group Update

We had a look a wide range of flowers in different styles by a collection of different artists. Strangely enough, everyone selected lotus for their paintings!

I apologise – I don’t remember which picture belongs to which artist but we had some interesting results.


June Wednesday Group Update

The group decided to tackle still life this month. We discussed the positioning of objects – a bit like a landscape – with items of various sizes, colours and textures with levels of overlap. You need to think about how you are arranging your objects and how they will interact with each other – in terms of shape, colour and texture – when you have them on the page.

The collection looked like this:

And these are two of the pictures painted:

Jean Griffiths

Jean Gray

The group has now broken for Summer and there will be no further updates until September.

Enjoy your Summer


Qu Leilei’s Chinese Collage Class

9 of us had a wonderful stress free day with Qu Leilei being taught Chinese collage techniques.

Most of those attending had never tried it before and everyone was delighted with the results.

“How to” will be provided in the July newsletter

Leilei’s 1st example on How to do it


Leilei adding final touches


Group efforts


The Group


Leilei’s second demo to make sure we all understood



Sunday Group Update 8th April 2018

The Sunday class was delayed this month to allow for Easter.

We were looking at Spring Flowers by artists we don’t normally work from including Huang Yong Yu (1924-), Xian Quan(1235-1305) and original works from the Mustard Seed Garden (commissioned in the early Qing Dynasty)  – all sources with very different styles!

It was fun looking at how Huang Yong Yu had painted his Wisteria and trying to recreate the process. We think it was painted in many layers that were allowed to dry between each. Background created first. Shadows added. Branch and vines added. Flowers and leaves painted in colours mixed with mineral colours to allow them to be laid over the under painting. Mineral green flicked on last from a relatively dry brush.

It takes time but it was great fun trying it out. We plan to look at more of his work later in the year.


Wisteria – Huang Yong Yu


My demo of the Huang Yong Yu – not enough pink!


Iris – Mitsuku Ohno


Plum blossom – Jean Lin


Spring – Bianca Deegan


Wisteria – Sarah Turner


Peach Blossom – Jean Gray

Sunday Group Update

In February, the Sunday group were looking at gongbi work by artists including Ni Zan and Xia Gui. As you will appreciate, completing a gongbi painting takes a lot longer than the time available for class so the examples below were as far as we got in the time available. All of them need more work.


Sunday Group Update October 2017

This month we tackled large birds and animals in Lingnan style using double Xuan and gold flex Xuan. It was a fun session and we had some rather pleasing results. Most of the examples used were by Au Honien. It was interesting to see how he had applied colour to both sides of the paper to get the effects he wanted to achieve.

Jean Grey – Heron


Malcolm Gowlett – Lion


Audrey Andrews – Monkey


Marion Dearlove – grumpy Eagle



Sunday Group September 2017

This month we decided to tackle the subject we missed when the July meeting was cancelled – Lingnan small birds. We again used the work of Chao Shaoang as a guide and worked on various papers. It was interesting to see how he had tackled the subject and the way in which he had layered his colours to get the effect he was looking for. It has to be said – this is not an easy subject – but we had some quite pleasing results.

Ayako Kassouf

Karen Gowlett

Malcolm Gowlett

Bianca Deegan

Mitsuko Ohno


Not CBP!

Just to let you know that Sue Stallard and I won the Teacher and Intermediate categories (respectively) of The Stitch n Craft Fit for a Queen beading challenge. You had to bead a necklace, bracelet and ring or brooch using the Swarovski stones and pearls they provided and using anything else you wanted to add.

My entry was beaded for the Iceni queen Boudica (Boudicca)


Sue decided to bead for Pricilla Queen of the Desert—one of her favourite films!



Sunday Group August 2017

We had a look at Lingnan flowers today using the work Chao Shaoang and Lao Shr Cheng. We worked on gold fleck paper or whatever was preferred. It was a fun afternoon and we got some good results:

 Lotus – Audrey Andrews

Hydrangea – Sue Jones

Sunflower – Bianca Deegan

No idea what these are – Marion Dearlove

Peonies – Malcolm Gowlett



Sunday Group June 2017

This month, the Sunday group worked on their final Lingnan landscape artist. We looked at the work of Lingnan Founder Chen Shuren (1884-1948) who initially studied under master Ju Lian and then travelled to Japan studying at the Kyoto City School of the Arts and Tokyo Rikkyo University. Advocating “the new Chinese painting,” his style took on a pure and remote air. Unlike other Lingnan artists, his work retains a lot of Northern School influence in terms of line work and colour but also shows definite Japanese influence and his own innovation. Again, we painted on double Xuan to accommodate the washes required with some good results

Chen ShuRen

Malcolm Gowlett

Ayako Kassouf

Jean Gray