Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wednesday Class November

The Wednesday class decided that they would like to try Song Dynasty silk painting using a figure as the subject. We recognise that this will take a lot of time and effort with no quick results!

We are using one of the ladies from Zhou Fang of the Tang Dynasty’s scroll entitled Elegant Ladies.

The technique requires that you first create a drawing on paper, tape the drawing to the table and tape the silk over the drawing and then using medium ink, transfer the drawing onto the silk then add shading and colour.

We started transferring the under painting onto the silk but haven’t got too far yet!



Sunday Class November

The Sunday class tackled free style Green-Gold landscape adapting the instructions Qu Leilei had given for Blue-Green landscape on semi-sized paper to which we added scarlet mountains along with acrylic gold ink outlines on some of the structures to reflect the Green -Gold style. It was good fun and we had some pleasing results.

Pic 1 Jean Gray
Pic 2 Malcolm Gowlett
Pic 3 Mitsuko Ohno

jean malcolm mitsuko