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Sunday Class April 2017

We were at the work of Fu Boashi (1904-1965). He studied in Japan at  the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1933 and brought Japanese visual elements to the Chinese ink painting tradition. He has a very distinctive style and makes excellent us of both sides of the paper.

We worked on Shining Star Premium Xuan from Sidewinder studio and a achieved some very good results. The paper is similar to double Xuan and is fun to work with.



Fu Boashi – Crows in the willow

Jacki Brown

Malcolm Gowlett

Bianca Deegan


Wednesday Class for March

Ist March, the Wednesday class decided to tackle Chickens. We had an excellent time with lots of laughter and groans of despair!  It was noted that Chickens have large bodies, tiny heads, very reptilian legs and large feet The results are below:



Sheila McCormack


Jacki Brown


Jean Griffiths