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Sunday Group Update – June

In the Qing dynasty artists continued to work in two distinct groups – the Court artists working in and around the court and sponsored by the emperors – working in the orthodox style and Literati artists – independent artists or artists with alternate sponsors – working in what was considered to be a more innovative style.

This month we were had a look at the Qing Dynasty Orthodox Artists. There was a key group known as the Six Masters (four of whom were also known as the Four Wangs) who were Wang Shimin, Wang Hui, Wang Yuanqi, Wang Jian and Wu Li and Yun Shouping. The Group’s work covers 100 years and they were all closely related. They formed the Orthodox School and they followed the written principles of Dong Qichang. Their works tended to be more structured and stressed technique of brushwork, application of ink and compositional methods 

The work we were using included both full paintings and sketches. They were fun to work with.

Ayako Kassouf

Audrey Andrews

Bianca Deegan

Mitsuko Ono

Karen Gowlett

Bernard Taylor-Ballantyne

Jean Gray

Sarah Turner

Marion Dearlove