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Sunday Group Update – July

This month we were looking at Summer Flowers using Xuan paper. 

We also had a look at the use of salt and alum to create different effects but will have a closer look at this at a later date. However, for info: the salt and Alum work well with ink but are not as effective with paint colours – although there is some effect. The picture illustrates three types of salt and their different effects. You need to use Xuan paper for best effect. You also need to add the salt when the ink is wet so add it when you have painted each item not the whole picture! It is worth trying it first to check the differences before you attempt a master piece. They give very different results.

Using Salt

The pictures we worked from this month were by a variety of artists including both Northern School and Lingnan artists.

Ayako Kassouf

Audrey Andrews

Bianca Deegan

Karen Gowlett

Malcom Gowlett

Jean Gray