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Sunday Group Update – February 2020

This was our first get together in the year of the rat and we were looking at the final set of Chinese landscapes – those created in the Chinese Republic. We looked at a range of artists styles. Those of: Au Honien, Wu Guanzhong, Chen Shenren, Wu Changan and Li Keran. We also used some new paper purchased from Amazon

Chinese Paper Semi Treated Calligraphy Drawing Painting Xuan Paper 

It wasn’t Xuan but worked really well with this subject but sadly – the one we bought no longer available. It was described as a semi treated paper. It is machine made (there are lines on it) and it appears to be semi-sized. It works very well with this type of work. Amazon appear to have the same thing on offer from a different supplier.

It was a fun afternoon and will be our last until the hall we meet in is refurbished in April.

Jean Gray

Rose Meech

Karen Gowlett

Malcolm Gowlett

Bianca Deegan

Sarah Turner

Sue Jones

Marion Dearlove

Marion x

Wednesday Group Update – January

The Wednesday group have been studying Gong Bi techniques and are now working towards creating their own pictures with a view to tackling silk later in the year.

No pictures to show for the work so far, but these are some of mine as examples.

Our hall is now closing until April – so no further updates until we reconvene.