Monthly Archives: November 2022

Sunday Group October Update

This month we were looking at working with resists – notably different kinds of salt, alum and full fat milk.

We concluded that the alum was the least effective.

That the different types of salt gave very different effects; 

And the milk was very effective.

The picture below  is currently on display in the Ashmolean. It is not just a magnificent picture of 2 horses, it is also developed using salt resist and the salt is still on the panting! It is a wonderful example of resist work.

Black Horse Yellow Horse – Zeng Shanqing

We weren’t working on paintings, just creating examples of what resist can do. Some samples of our output is shown below.

Sarah Turner’s full fat milk landscape

Jean Gray’s poppy with salt and with salt removed

Marion Dearlove’s sunflower with salt removed (mostly!)