Monthly Archives: November 2023

Sunday Class Update November

This month we were looking at large birds, specially eagles and cranes By artists including Li Kuchan and Xu Gu.

Li Kuchan

Xu Gu

The works were in a mixture of lei gu and mo gu styles in both ink and colour. They were fun to work with and required good brush loading and good control.

Ana Lau

Bianca Deegan

Karen Gowlett

Malcolm Gowlett

Rose Meech

Sarah Turner

Marion Dearlove

Sunday Group update October

This month we were looking at lei gu (outline) figure painting  by artist including Ren Bonian and Yang Shoutao.

Yang Shoutao

Ren Bonian

It was more difficult than people assumed it would be and we have fewer examples to show you

Sarah Turner

Virgina Hayes

Marion Dearlove