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Sunday Class update June

This month we were looking at the work of Fu Bao Shi. The aim was to create one picture from 3 of his Mo GU Works. This required some thought because the pictures had to be meddled together and rescaled to suit the new composition. We had some interesting results – all different.

Fu Bao Shi – Walking in the Mountains

Fu Bao Shi – Waterfall

Fu Bao Shi – Listening to the Spring

Rose Meech

Jean Gray

Bianca Deegan

Sarah Turner

Marion Dearlove

Sunday Class update May

This month we were looking at Magnolias by various artists that we had not used before including Chao Shaoang, Wang Xuetao and a full scroll by an unknown artist who’s work is held by the Metropolitan Museum.

There were both Mo Gu and Lei Gu works and were fun to work with

Wang Xuetao Magnolia Nymph

Chao Shaoan Magnolia

Artist Unknown 3 (1368-1644)

Sarah Turner

Jean Gray

Rose Meech 1

Rose Meech 2