Margaret Wall - Teacher
Margaret Wall – Teacher

You may be a serious painter or never painted before, if you are interested in joining a group or trying a taster session, you will receive a warm welcome from a very special group of artists. There are a mix of tutorials and self-help groups to suit everyone, you may be surprised at just how creative and talented you are!

Experienced tutors, Margaret Wall and Marion Dearlove have spent many years studying Chinese Art and teach both traditional and modern techniques.

Margaret Wall, Graphic Designer and Communicator by profession has 15 years studying Chinese Art with Joyce Levermore and Qu Leilei
Five years teaching at Harefield, has exhibited at the Swan Theatre, Osterley Park, Bucks Open Studio and recently Living Crafts at Hatfield House
‘I am really inspired by this ancient art form, the calligraphy and painting, passing on my knowledge is a pleasure.’

See my website: https://www.margaretwall.art


Marion Dearlove - Teacher
Marion Dearlove – Teacher

Marion Dearlove, is a Managing Consultant working in the government sector in the UK who took up Chinese Brush Painting for fun in 2001 and quickly became serious about it and studied at the British Museum with Li Jia, at Missenden Abbey with Qu Lielei and in London and China with Cai Xiaoli they have all been very rewarding experiences.
“I find the differences and similarities between Chinese and Western arts intriguing. There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had!”