Recommended Books:

The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy:

Discover the Five Major Scripts to Create Classic Characters and Beautiful Projects by Qu Lei Lei
This book presents Chinese scripts, from the earliest pictographic characters, through to beautiful Zhuan, Han and Standard scripts and modern Running script. …


The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting:

Create Your Own Oriental Flowers, Plants, and Birds for Joy and Harmony by Qu Lei Lei
Try one of the most expressive, ancient and beautiful art forms: Chinese brush painting. Unlike Western styles of painting, you won’t be concerned with light and shade. …


Tao of Sketching:

The Complete Guide to Chinese Sketching Techniques by Qu Lei Lei
Award-winning artist Qu Lei Lei offers an inspirational view of art from the Chinese perspective. Instead of looking at the sketch as an end in itself, he focuses on the work as personal fulfillment for the artist and as a valued meditation. …