Sunday Group Update 8th April 2018

The Sunday class was delayed this month to allow for Easter.

We were looking at Spring Flowers by artists we don’t normally work from including Huang Yong Yu (1924-), Xian Quan(1235-1305) and original works from the Mustard Seed Garden (commissioned in the early Qing Dynasty)  – all sources with very different styles!

It was fun looking at how Huang Yong Yu had painted his Wisteria and trying to recreate the process. We think it was painted in many layers that were allowed to dry between each. Background created first. Shadows added. Branch and vines added. Flowers and leaves painted in colours mixed with mineral colours to allow them to be laid over the under painting. Mineral green flicked on last from a relatively dry brush.

It takes time but it was great fun trying it out. We plan to look at more of his work later in the year.


Wisteria – Huang Yong Yu


My demo of the Huang Yong Yu – not enough pink!


Iris – Mitsuku Ohno


Plum blossom – Jean Lin


Spring – Bianca Deegan


Wisteria – Sarah Turner


Peach Blossom – Jean Gray