Sunday Group update – June

This month we tackled freestyle green gold landscape. It uses all of the same layers as gongbi but is painted on semi sized paper. We used examples by Qu Leilei both final paintings and demo pieces.

Qu Leilei

Qu Leilei

Qu Leilei

First outline everything in ink then add texture and ink shading.

When dry, add indigo and burnt sienna washes. Double load the brush with burnt sienna topped with indigo. Put the brush tip where you want the blue and then work down using the whole brush.

When dry add the mineral blues and greens.

When dry add the gold outlines below or above some of the original lines. SOME not all.

It required hairdryers because we only had 3 hours!

These are the results:

Virgina Hayes

Malcolm Gowlett

Karen Gowlett

Sarah Turner

Marion Dearlove

Jean Gray