Wednesday Class October

The Wednesday class had a look at free style tigers in October. The examples we used were all painted using the ink breaks colour technique – where the colour is laid in first and the ink work is added on top. When you are using mineral colours – as we did – this technique ensures the colour doesn’t cover the ink work. Also worth remembering is if you want to paint the outline for the facial features first it is worth practicing your brush work before you add the eyes to ensure your hand is moving correctly before you commit yourself! WE double loaded the colour brush with vermillion 70% tipped with burnt sienna 50%. This gives a more tiger coloured finish than just using burnt sienna.

Upright tiger – Karen Gowlett
Relaxed Tiger – Malcolm Gowlett
Get your hand moving exercise. Brush direction is shown at the top of the column. If you are feeling a bit stiff or shaky when you are starting work, get a spare piece of paper and do one column of each and include some vertical lines too! Vertical is trickery than horizontal.

Have fun


100_0688 karen-gowlett malcolm-gowlett